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IPO Cross-Border Services

IPO Cross-Border Services


Our Services Overview

In-Depth Cross-Border Pre and Post IPO Services.

The Zephirin Group's is the Global Connection offering Cross-Border P-IPO. We offer Pre and Post IPO Services that are designed to help ease companies' transition from a private to a publicly traded company. We work in teams with our professional partners that include investment banks, legal firms and auditors involved in the listing process.

The path to the stock exchange is not always easy and sometimes long - geographically too. We help choose a more pleasant capital environment for the company to list and raise equity. As part of this process, Zephirin Group offers guidance and solutions on:

  1. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE);
  2. NASDAQ;
  3. Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx);
  4. London Stock Exchange (LSE);
  5. Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX);
  6. Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE);
  7. Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE);
  8. Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX);
  9. Australian Stock Exchange (ASX);
  10. Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)
  11. The Zephirin Group's offers a wide range of Post IPO Services for listed companies:

  12. Institutional Stock Analyst Report;
  13. Liquidity;
  14. Maximize Shareholder Value;
  15. Institutional Distribution;
  16. Investor Relation Strategy (Communications Plan); and
  17. Buy Side Target Roadshow