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Institutional Research

Institutional Research


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We take a stand and deliver unique facts.

Award Winning Research

The Zephirin Group identifies both the trends that add value and the indicators that would destroy value. We engage in ongoing dialogue with our coverage companies in order to gain insight into the Global Market and as such We investigate all aspects of a company's business -- that is, evaluating the supply & demand curve, new product prospects, and provide peer analysis.

  1. Reinforce Independent Thinking Fundamental Research to Institutional Investors
  2. More Institutional Investors are Looking at Investment Research from an Unbiased Perspective
  3. The Net Result: Better decisions, quantified in solid facts and feedback.

We don’t simply regurgitate reactive financial news; we provide Proactive Analysis that tells you what is going to happen tomorrow, not what happened yesterday. We sift through endless amounts of information, derive our models and determine the effect on the companies investors are interested in -- or should be interested in.