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Boutique Services

Boutique Services


Our Services Overview

We have
extensive relationships with multiple resources.

The Zephirin Group Boutique Services provide traditional advisory services including Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services, Equity and Debt Raising Advisory Services and Real Estate Advisory Services, consistent with bulge-bracket firms but with an unwavering boutique firm commitment. We work closely with our companies and introduce companies to our institutional resources to achieve superior results.

  1. Capital Markets
  2. Mergers & Acquisition
  3. Equity Raising
  4. Debt Raising
  5. Arriving at fair value for takeover or merger

We have extensive relationships with the multiple resources necessary to help companies at every stage of their development including Commercial Lenders, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Hedge Funds, Factors, Distressed Investors and Liquidators.

Research & Analytics Support

The Zephirin Group provides the following Research and Analytic services for Financial Services firms:

Financial Services Business Services Data Services
  1. Equity research
  2. Fixed-income research
  3. Corporate Finance
  4. Quantitative research
  5. Index research
  1. Business research
  2. Compamny profile
  3. Industry studies
  1. Data analytics
  2. Index analytics
  3. Risk analytics
  4. Benchmark analytics
  5. Financial analysis
  6. Model development
  7. Valuation modelling