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Asia Insight


Our Services Overview

Our research provide unique market insight which investors can convert into actionable ideas.

With fundamental research and analysis at the heart of our overall business strategy, we at The Zephirin Group utilize a top-down and bottom-up research approach geared primarily towards covering the full range of small, mid and large capitalized under-valued and under-covered, Global-Listed Equities.

The Key Elements of our Asia Insight Offerings:
  1. Company Specific Reporting and Analysis;
  2. High-Quality, Institutional-Oriented, qualitative/quantitative/fundamental initiation reports with recommendations, earnings updates/analysis, as well as relevant ad-hoc updates/commentary relating to material macro and micro-economic developments or press release announcements;
  3. Time Sensitive Distribution and Investor Visibility enhancing capabilities;
  4. Marketing and Road Show coordination;
  5. Capital Markets Intelligence; and
  6. Broker-Dealer Affiliate Introductions.

The Benefits of our Asia Insight Research
  1. Companies get noticed during investment decisions;
  2. Highly effective research for fund raising and market revaluation;
  3. Coverage to High Net Worth Investors and Institutions;
  4. Existing Shareholders will perceive the value in their shares; and
  5. New Shareholders will switch to shares of companies which receive better research coverage.

We seek high value relationships based on due diligence.

We are now moving in to cater for the deficiency of research coverage for Asian companies and The Zephirin Group is pleased to be a part of this task force. Please Contact us to be considered for coverage.

Our Research has Credibility with Institutions and High Net Worth Investors.